How to Shape-Up your API strategy in 5 steps?

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Define your desired state

  1. What is your current state? You can perform API archaeology and take a critical look to identify your main burning problem with APIs. You might discover that you already have dozens of APIs that don’t look the same and behave differently, it might be that you discover a mess on how your teams are doing versioning … it might be that teams have the pain to operate and release APIs…or your consumers experience integration challenges.
  2. Is your final goal is to speed up your time market by allowing engineers to create applications fast! ? Is your goal is to integrate fast and reliably with your partners? Is your goal is to sell your business assets through APIs or what you want is to enable external innovation?
  3. What are the key things that you need to implement to achieve your final goal?
  4. How you will know that you succeeded? (Key metrics / KPIs / API Revenues …) ?

Find your business sponsor

Select a API Strategy type

  • Private APIs are consumed by your internal teams and they are not designed to be consumed outside your organization.
  • Partner APIs are consumed by your partners under a certain agreement.
  • Public APIs are external developers focused and anyone can access and consume them.
Definition of Developer Experience

Don’t do it all

Source: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Build consumer-centric APIs

Interaction with your consumers



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